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Nikki brings over 15 years of insurance industry experience and a unique perspective to the recruiting and insurance education world. 

Nikki Brandt, CPCU, AU, AIS, AINS
Founder and President

Nikki began her career in public relations and marketing, later falling into insurance by accident thanks to her father-in-law. He suggested she apply her people-centric attitude to an underwriter trainee role with a regional insurance carrier. This would be the training ground where she built the foundation of her industry knowledge.

In 2010, seeking growth and opportunity for a field position, Nikki moved to a super regional carrier, working her way up to a field production role. Working more closely with agents was something she found very rewarding. She gained a great deal of insight about the importance of the agency-carrier relationship.

In 2015, feeling pulled to work directly with clients and be the one to forge those relationships with business owners, Nikki became a commercial producer with a top 100 broker based in Lancaster, PA. In just five years, she built a substantial book of business, including numerous large, high profile clients, and had begun helping mentor and train new producers.  In 2020, she was awarded producer of the year by the firm, which employs nearly 200 associates.

Despite thriving in her role, Nikki continued to hear from carriers and brokers alike that they struggled to find good talent. She wasn't surprised to hear this, as she was frequently solicited by recruiters who were doing it all wrong. No relationship building; just cold, impersonal messages and obvious lack of industry knowledge.   Nikki knew she could do it better and couldn't help but pursue the opportunity in front of her. 

Having experienced roles on both the agency and carrier sides, Nikki gets it.  Her colleagues have jokingly referred to her as an “expert networker”.  She leverages her industry knowledge, extensive network, and her relationship-first attitude to connect employers with their ideal candidates. 

Nikki is a 2006 graduate of York College of Pennsylvania where she majored in Professional Writing and minored in Marketing. She resides in York, PA with her husband, who also works in the insurance business and is ever-supportive of her determined, entrepreneurial spirit. Together they have a son and daughter and two dogs.  Nikki is committed to helping the insurance industry, a world that’s served her and her family so well, to not only survive, but thrive. In a time where the focus is on tech and automation, she believes the right people still make all the difference.

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