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If you’re in the insurance world, we’ve got you covered. 


Our experience gives us an edge for both agency and carrier roles alike.  

Current clients include regional and super-regional insurance carriers, as well as a number of the respected insurance agencies, several of which have national presence.


If it’s insurance-related, chances are we can help. Whether you’re a candidate looking to find a better opportunity, a company looking for your next great hire, or a leader looking for someone to help educate and train your staff - we’re here to help.


Take a peek at what some of our client companies and candidates have to say about working with us! 

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Nikki is FANTASTIC to work with!! Her knowledge of the industry and connections within the community are unparalleled. She’s responsive and always available, which is a tremendous asset when you are hiring. I’ve gotten some outstanding placements through her this year. So grateful for her partnership!

Barbara M. - Commercial Lines Underwriting Manager

I would highly recommend Nikki Brandt as she has extensive knowledge and experience in the insurance industry. She truly understands what it takes to be successful and has proved it many times over in her career. Her work ethic is second to none and she possesses a very keen business acumen which has led to success at every stop in her insurance career. I’m confident she will continue to do great things in our industry.

Brandon S. - Executive VP of Sales

I not only love Nikki's LinkedIn content, but I also know that she truly believes in what she is sharing. She is following a passion by connecting people with the right career vision and company. Her understanding of the insurance industry aligns perfectly with the needs of today's work force, and I am so excited to take on the role we've worked together on! I'm not sure I can really convey the appreciation and respect I have for Nikki's support in this process. She truly has a gift that is being lived out in her daily career - not many people can say that. I highly recommend others connecting with Nikki!

Jamie T. - Happy Candidate

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Nikki! She is attentive and prompt, personable and easy to converse with and most of all, she listens. She has a gift for drawing out information that helps her to know when someone is right for a position. Her knowledge and background in Underwriting along with her natural talent for placing people is a dynamite combination.

Lisa P. - Happy Candidate

Nikki was a pleasure to work with. She took the time to listen to my goals, thoughts, and concerns, without pressuring me, in order to make sure the role she approached me about would be a good fit. Because Nikki has worked in various positions in the insurance industry, she has knowledge and insight about the positions she recruits for that many other recruiters don’t. She was able to offer advice and perspectives that were very valuable as I was considering different career options. In addition to her knowledge, Nikki was very professional, providing timely status updates and checking in regularly. I enjoyed my experience working with her from start to finish.

Courtney C.  - Happy Candidate

I wanted to take time to thank you for all your hard work to make my team better! Your outside the box thinking and attention to detail was and is very helpful in helping me gain new employees. I appreciate your partnership and am excited to start the process all over again when I am ready. Thank you for making this process easy.

Joe L. - Agency Principal

Nikki far exceeded my expectations. She is passionate about insurance and has the background required to bridge the gap that others don’t. Nikki’s main goal is in helping people find the right position for them and less about placing a candidate in the wrong job. She provided insights that helped me in my journey in choosing the right path and went the extra mile to ensure I was happy and fulfilled.

Amber C. - Happy Candidate

I had the pleasure of working closely with Nikki for 5 years. Her knowledge of commercial insurance, employee benefits and sales is very broad. She has mastered the ability to develop new relationships, open doors and make meaningful introductions and recommendations. Nikki will work hard until she finds the right solution for her clients with her knowledge and experience of the insurance industry in multiple areas. It's been my pleasure working with Nikki and I will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. This lady is the definition of hustle and she will get it done!!

Mary L. - Assistant Vice President

Nikki was an absolute professional throughout the entire process. She took the time to listen to my story and spent time discussing my career objectives – making sure that the role was a good fit for BOTH parties. Recruiters like Nikki, who have worked in roles throughout the industry they’re hiring for, made the feedback that much more meaningful. Her passion for the industry and making good connections within it is crystal clear. Outstanding experience from start to finish, I’m very thankful for Nikki and her efforts. Cannot recommend her enough!

Josh J. - Happy Candidate

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